A little about our company

For over half a decade we have been helping families in central and south east Ohio. Owner David DeLong has worked alongside some of the best heating and cooling companies in Central Ohio. Starting out in commercial refrigeration with a local well known company, David transitioned to residential heating and cooling. While excelling in residential furnace and air-conditioning repair he quickly advanced to become that company’s lead service tech.

While helping heat and cool Central Ohio families with their HVAC emergencies, David felt the urge to provide South Central and Southeastern Ohio with a more affordable and dependable solution. Thus Country Air HVAC was born. We pride ourselves with treating our customers like they are family.

Why Choose Us?

South Central and Southeastern Ohio families work hard for their money. That’s why as a family owned and operated business, Country Air HVAC is committed to providing affordable heating and cooling repairs and installations. We know what it takes to raise a family these days. We are doing it ourselves! So join our family so we can help yours.

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