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We live in a “throw-away” society.   It’s almost always easier to discard something and replace it than it is to repair it.  This might work with a $5 gadget, but your homes furnace and AC system is not cheap.  Some heating repair contractors are too quick to say you need a replacement system and offer you financing terms and energy savings to close a $10,000 sale.  Almost all HVAC contractors will replace the broken parts to your system, even when they are honest and trying to save you money.

At Country Air, we are even more frugal than that.  We never recommend a new system unless you ask for it or there is no other viable option.  Additionally, we often repair expensive parts instead of replacing them saving you more money.  Call us today and see how we can help you with your furnace problems.

Signs You Need Heating Service

In some cases, the failure of your furnace is slow and steady but it is important to pay attention to the minor changes to your heating system or you may need a costly repair. Here are some of the signs that you need heating service:

  • Changing the temperature on your thermostat in your home doesn’t heat the house
  • Difficulty breathing, especially when the furnace Is running
  • Drastic increase in electric bills for no known reason
  • Clicking or grinding noises from the system
  • Running fan that only lets out cold air
  • Freezing in the system
If you believe you need a furnace repair, it is better to schedule a service call immediately or you may find yourself paying for a new system soon.
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